The forest is a source of deep spiritual and physical significance; through millennia it has provided sanctuary, sustenance, and peril. For me, it also embodies a state of mind – a place for emotional centering. In this "Home" project I am attempting to give voice to the primordial essence borne within a dream-softened sense of the woods. Memory, whether individual or collective, is the emotional context for these images. Veiled and mysterious, the darkly alluring fairy-tale forest re-awakens fears of abandonment, suffocation, and demonic possession. Finding those fears still emotionally charged and their agents still lurking has been an unsettling revelation, one that blurs the distinction between child and adult, reality and fantasy, desire and revulsion. The sublime nature of the experience is evidenced by a seductive tension between the enticing and the terrifying.

 Home is a place one can never leave, yet a place to which one can never return.

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