Out-of-body experiences can be had via meditation, physical exertion, psychotropic compounds, sex, near-death experiences, and likely other pathways. That hovering, seen-from-above sensation can bring new perspectives, often via a combination of expansion, focus, and abstraction. The “grounding” that follows these moments often contain a lingering wonderment and a tingling (if transitory) sense of transformation.

Abstraction, often a result of narrowing distance and focus to eliminate context, can also be discovered by instead expanding context and allowing the landscape to express itself in larger terms. Rather than records of physical space, these photos attempt to trigger a cognizance of pattern and dimensionality that cannot be had at eyelevel – that out-of-body perspective. A re-connection with the ordinary can be had at a point somewhere between forty inches and four hundred feet.

These images are patterns in the landscape, primarily dry lake beds. Tracks are formed by vehicles in some instances and livestock in others. Wind, water, and heat are the forces that create the canvas upon which markings are overlaid. Seen from above, the patterns, textures, and subtle colors reveal the richness of environments generally considered sterile and uninteresting. The misuse of the land by off-road vehicles ironically creates delicate beauty unimagined by the motoring "artists." Likewise free-roaming cattle weave intricate and artistically exquisite lines leading to destinations unknown. The inhospitable desert will grudgingly reveal its subtle and delicate motif when the conceit of human eye level is relinquished.



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