Out of body experiences can be had via meditation, physical exertion, psychotropic compounds, sex, near-death experiences, and likely many other avenues. The hovering, seen-from-above sensations can bring new perspectives, often via a combination of expansion, focus, and abstraction. The “grounding” that follows these moments often contain a lingering wonderment and a tingling (if transitory) sense of transformation.


In this work, an “out-of-earth” perception is sought. Abstraction, often a result of narrowing distance and focus to eliminate context, can also be discovered by instead expanding the context and allowing the earth to express itself in larger terms. Rather than descriptions or records of physical space, these photos attempt to trigger a meta-experience of spirit and pattern in a way that cannot be had at eyelevel. A connectedness and beauty in the ordinary can be had at a point somewhere between forty inches and four hundred feet.


Our out-of-body experiences can be accompanied by what is often called “the mid-distance stare.” In these photos I hope to discover and share what those visions are like when the earth stares back.


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